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Welcome to the 24th  Annual Blue Ridge Classic Horse Show


Richard Harris (ASB and Morgans)

Chad Cole

Donna Pettry-Smith

Scott Thacker - Academy

2017 Show Dates: July 25-29

*We are participating in the USEF Cup Competition. Trainers are now eligible

to win cash awards, as well as the top Saddlebred and Morgan horses.

*The Blue Ridge Classic has been designated a Four Star Rated Show in the

AMHA's Star Rating Competition Program

Live Feed provided by Event Mix Promotions

GOLF CARTS: Golf cart rentals will be handled through Brad’s Golf Cars @ 336-595-2006.  For more information, see ad in prize list.



GR845 Equine VACINATION RULE 1. At Federation licensed competitions, horses entering the grounds must be accompanied by documentation of Equine Influenza Virus and Equine Herpes Virus (Rhinopneumonitis) vaccinations within six months prior to entering the stables. Horses not in compliance with this rule may be required to leave the competition grounds upon request by Competition Management. Copies of documentation must be submitted with entries.

ALL ROADSTER HORSES must have a horse ID issued by ARHPA to compete. This is not the USEF ID issued in previous years. See USEF rule RD101.1 . You may apply at the horse show if needed.

MORGAN exhibitors must be members of AMHA at USEF shows.